What We Do?

Man & Soil


A positive attitude to continuously learn,innovate and constantly strive to improve our standards, to exceed the customer's expectations.
Man & Soil


Strive to ensure that each employee endeavours with conviction to achieve customer Satisfaction.
Man & Soil


We will ensure timely delivery of projects aimed at customer Satisfaction.


A new world! A new life! That is what is awaiting you at Max Oasis. We understand that every individual leads his life saga in his own characteristic way. Likewise every individual have a taste and liking for his dream home. It needs a rare insight to read the mind of a home buyer. We, Man & soil builders dare to decode and express your home dream into perfect excellence – the excellence that we have been giving since over two decades.

Max Oasis is designed and built with people like you in mind. It redefines luxury in every sense. A really great location, matchless facilities, unique design, then what's more.. That's the unwavering commitment of our team to materialize this dream in the pink of perfection.

Max Oasis – The excellence of perfection in 2 block segment.